Organization of school work at the beginning of spring 2021

Update January 4th:

School starts on Wednesday 6th at 09:00 and on the school's website you will find information on which entrance to use when you arrive to classes. The first three days (Wednesday 6th – 8th), IB students follow the same arrangement as other students, attending all double sessions in the class schedule (Wed and Thu) but other classes online (Wed/Thu afternoon + Friday).
From Monday 11th, all classes in the IB-programme (Pre-IB and IBDP) will be taught within MH. 

It is very important that everyone respects the rules that are in place, i.e. use of masks, not to gather in groups, respect the boundaries of intimacy (2 meter rule), etc. Please note that halls are only intended as travel spaces between classrooms. Students are not expected to gather at Matgarður, Miðgarður and Norðurkjallari and Sómalía will be closed for the time being. The library is open to students as well as the study center (námsver).

Autumn 2020:
Update October 22th:
Same arrangement in week 10 (October 27th -30th)  as in weeks 7, 8 and 9, students study at home and there will be online classes/assignments etc. according to the teachers instructions.   Remember the Autumn break October 22nd and 26th.
Update October 14th:
A survey about the students experiences this autumn term 2020.  About 80% of the IB students participated.  Many of them wrote valuable comments. The IB DP Coordinator has given a feedback on the comments, see here.
Update October 9th:
Same arrangement in week 8 (October 12th - 16th)  as in week 7, students study at home and there will be online classes/assignments etc. according to the teachers instructions.

Update October 4th:

Due to more restrictions, there will be no taught classes in MH the 7th week October 5th - 9th.   All classes will be online, either virtual classroom or by each teacher's instructions.  You should see the arrangement on INNA (Markmið - Heimavinna).  The school building is open and the main office is open as well.

News on

Update October 2nd:

Letter from Ásdís, the IB study counsellor.

Update Friday September 28th: Week 6 (September 28th - October 2nd): Same as week 4 (MH classes in the morning, online in the afternoon).  PE is taught as well.   Week 7 (October 5th - 9th): Same as week 5 (Online classes in the morning, taught in MH from 13:05).  Students and MH staff are required to use masks.

 E-mail from Steinn, the headmaster, regarding weeks 6 and 7.

Update Friday September 11th:  In 4th week (14th - 18th), all classes 8:10 - 12:35 are taught in MH (except PE), but online classes/assignments according to each teacher's instruction between 13:05 and 16:15.  In week 5 (21st - 25th) all classes between 13:05 and 16:15 are taught but online classes/assignments according to each teacher's instruction between 8:10 - 12:35.

Update Friday September 4th:  The school will run according to the initial three weeks plan next week (September 7th - 11th), mandatory attendance in the long classes 14:15 - 16:15 but online classes/assignments according to each teacher's instruction between 8:10 and 14:05.   Due to the news (200 people allowed in the same place), some amendments will be published next week.

Update Tuesday September 8th:

News from Steinn, the headmaster:

We are now in the third week of teaching and the setup will change in the fourth week. Students will attend classes in MH at all times until 12:35, except in physical education, which will continue in the same format as in recent weeks. If teachers announce another arrangement, it should be followed, e.g. in housekeeping, chess, choir, Swedish and Norwegian where all teaching takes place in the afternoon. In 5th week, students will attend school in the afternoon (13:05-16:15). Other hours in the timetable outside of those mentioned will be through the school's Learning Management System, ie. INNA.  As up to 200 people have been allowed in the same space (room), the school's quarantine compartments will be reviewed and all information will be accessible on the school's website under the COVID-19 button.It obligatory to go out of school facilities to get from one compartment to another. Students can use the library, Matgarður and Miðgarður as long as space allows. Those spaces are not for students to gather together or use between classes.I remind students to read carefully all the information posted on the website and information from teachers. Otherwise, I would like to reiterate that the instructions from authorities are under constant review and therefore circumstances can suddenly change.

August 19th:

From the 24th of August, students will attend classes that are two hours in their timetable, but other classes will be taught through INNA and other communication software that teachers use. In this way, all students meet their teacher and fellow students in all courses, once a week. In the first week of teaching, students attend all two hour classes according to the timetable. In the second week of teaching, students only attend two hour classes in the morning and in the third week of teaching, students attend all two hour classes in the afternoon. Some classes need to be divided because the classrooms do not fit 30 students to respect the one meter rule (Pre-IB, IB1 BIOL/PSYC). Teachers will send out who should attend earlier session and who attend the later session (if class is divided).

The school is divided into several compartments (=hólf) and students have to use different entrances depending on where they attend classes (see map here).  The plan will be reviewed immediately in accordance with changes in the rules and recommendations from Directorate of Health and the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management.

Covid-19 - Work procedure

Work procedure – Infection or suspicion of infection - students

Work procedure - Notification of quarantine or isolation - students

Work procedure – Infection or suspicion of infection - staff

COVID-19 information in Icelandic.


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