IB Studies

The IB programme is a demanding two-year programme taught in English. It is first and foremost an opportunity for hard-working and highly motivated pre-university students.

In May 1997 Hamrahlíð College (MH) became a member school of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). This gives the College the right to offer the IB Diploma Programme, a comprehensive pre-university curriculum. Taught in English and intended mostly for the 16-19 age groups, the two-year course ends with standardised exams recognised by universities world-wide. The school also offers a preliminary year for younger students before they start the IB proper.  More about the DP here.

Most IB students are either Icelanders who have returned back home after several years abroad, or foreigners with residence permit in Iceland. Some of the students are simply Icelandic students who come straight from primary school but aim to work or study in an international atmosphere in the future. Students who have completed 10th or 11th grade at a foreign or international school, or the first year of the Icelandic gymnasium, with excellent academic results and proficiency in the English language may be admitted directly to the two-year IB Diploma course. Applicants from grade 9 or 10 in foreign schools and applicants from 10th grade in Icelandic schools must start with a one-year preparatory course, the pre-IB which is also taught in English.

Further information gives Guðmundur Arnlaugsson IB DP coordinator.

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