Progress rules

Rules concerning educational progress in the IB programme at MH

Continued admission in the IB programme at MH depends on satisfactory progress, both in the pre-IB and in the first year of the IB proper. Failure to abide by the school’s rules will result in expulsion from the programme.

The rules listed below were adopted at a general teachers’ meeting on August 20th, 2008, revised February 17th, 2011 and June 6th, 2012.

IB diploma candidates at MH are bound by the assessment rules and models of the IBO and general school rules on attendance and behaviour. Each candidate is also responsible for his/her educational progress within the courses of study chosen. IB students in MH are also subject to the following special rules:

  • A pre-IB student must achieve the minimum grade (5 out of 10) in all courses of study and have the average grade 6 within the school year to have the unequivocal right to commence the formal IB programme.
  • If a Pre-IB student fails two or more subjects after the first semester, the IB Coordinator will call him/her for an interview and may require the student to leave the IB programme.
  • If a Pre- IB student fails one and only one course by the end of the pre-IB year (i.e. in the spring term) his/her case will be specially dealt with and evaluated by the IB coordinator.
  • If a Pre-IB student fails two or more courses at the end of the pre-IB year (i.e. in the spring term) he or she will not be admitted to the IB programme. A subsequent application for the national programme in MH will not be dealt with as a priority in comparison to students from other secondary schools.
  • For a candidate to move from one semester to the next within the IB programme he or she must pass with grade 5 (out of 10) in all subjects taken that semester and have the average grade of 6, although candidate is sometimes allowed to move on to the next term if he or she fails only one subject.
  • A temporary guest student may be offered a place in Pre-IB/IB for one semester at a time. Their continuation each term will be dependent on their performance; failure in one or more subjects or loss of Good Standing may result in loss of the guest status.

These rules were unanimously adopted.
June 6th, 2012

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