Progress rules

Rules concerning educational progress in the IB programme at MH

Continued admission in the IB programme at MH depends on satisfactory progress, both in the Pre-IB and in the IB diploma programme. Failure to abide by the school’s rules will result in expulsion from the programme. Below are the progress rules for Pre-IB and IB DP students at MH.

Progress rules for pre-IB students:

  • Pre-IB students are bound by the general school rules on attendance and behaviour as well as the school’s academic integrity policy. Each student is responsible for their performance within all their courses of study.
  • Pre-IB students must achieve the minimum grade (5 out of 10) in all courses of study and have the average grade 6 within the school year to have the unequivocal right to commence the formal IB programme.
  • If a Pre-IB student fails two or more subjects after the first semester, the IB DP Coordinator will call them for an interview and may require the student to leave the IB programme.
  • If a Pre- IB student fails one and only one course by the end of the Pre-IB year their case will be specially dealt with and evaluated by the IB DP coordinator.
  • If a Pre-IB student fails two or more courses at the end of the Pre-IB year, they will not be admitted to the IB programme. A subsequent application for the national programme in MH will not be dealt with as a priority in comparison to students from other secondary schools.

Progress rules for IB DP students:

  • IB diploma students must remain in good standing during their course of study at MH. This includes, but is not limited to, abiding by the school’s rules of behaviour, having acceptable attendance, not be in violation of the school’s academic integrity policy and submit their assignments in a timely manner as requested by their teachers. Failure to abide by these rules will result in an interview with the IB DP Coordinator. Repeated failure to abide by the rules will result in the student’s expulsion from the programme and possibly the school.
  • To have an unequivocal right to move from one semester within the IB DP to the next, candidates must be on track to meet the minimum requirements for the IB diploma. Specifically, candidates must fulfil the following requirements at the end of each semester:
    • Pass the CAS, EE, TOK, Language A self-taught (SELF) and IB Language B courses (LABI, LANB).
    • Have at least 24 total grade points from their six main subjects.
      • If a student is in Language A self-taught then they need 20 total grade points from their other five subjects.
    • Receive at least a grade 2 in their six main subjects.
    • Receive at least a grade 3 in four of their six main subjects.
    • Receive at least a grade 4 in three of their six main subjects.
    • Receive at least a combined grade of 12 in their three HL subjects. (If a student is registered for four HL subjects the highest three grades are counted)
    • Receive at least a combined grade of 9 in their three SL subjects. (If a student is only registered for two SL subjects, they must gain at least a combined grade of 5)
  • IB DP students study Language B in part in regular MH courses. The grades for these courses are given using the 1-10 grading scale. For the purposes of calculating an IB grade the following conversion table will be used.

MH grade

IB grade

1 and 2






5 and 6


7 and 8






  • Students who do not fulfil these requirements at the end of each term will be called in for an interview to the IB DP coordinator and may be required to leave the programme or repeat a year.

Progress rules for non-DP students:

  • Students who drop out of the IB DP may be allowed to continue their studies in certain subjects as IB course students. The students need to be on passing track in these subjects and in good overall standing to be allowed to do so. If a student wishes to complete the fourth and final IB course (spring semester of IB2) they need to take the IB May exams in that subject in order to pass the MH course.
  • A temporary guest student may be offered a place in Pre-IB/IB for one semester at a time. Their continuation each term will be dependent on their performance; failure in one or more subjects or loss of Good Standing may result in loss of the guest status.


These rules were unanimously adopted.
August 17th, 2023

Last updated: 22.08.2023