IB staff

The IB DP coordinator, director of the IB section, is also the IB students’ advisor while they are in the IB Diploma Programme. The present IB DP coordinator (since 2008) is:

Soffía Sveinsdóttir /
Hamrahlid College
Hamrahlíð 10
IS-105 Reykjavík

Tel. 00354-595-5233

Staff  (see all staff members of MH here)

Center of the hexagon; CAS and TOK

The CAS coordinator is responsible for administering students’ activities in the areas of creativity, action and service, gives advice and help in organising suitable activities when needed. The present CAS coordinator is Vilborg María Alfreðsdóttir (

CAS Advisors (SUBJECT) are:  Alda Kravec (ENGL), Karl Jóhann Garðarsson (TOK), Guðmundur Arnlaugsson (HIST), Gunnar Freyr Stefánsson (MATH), Stefán Guðmundsson (HIST), Guðrún Tuliníus (Spanish), Iðunn Thors (ARTS), Sigríður Hrönn Guðbrandsdóttir (BIOL), Soffía Sveinsdóttir (IBDPC) and Vilborg María Alfreðsdóttir (PSY/CAS).

The TOK teachers are Karl Jóhann Garðarsson (IB2019) and Mark Andrew Zimmer (IB2020).

Supervisory teachers:

IB2 (IB2019):  Mark Zimmer (English A and TOK teacher)

IB1 (IB2020):  Guðmundur Arnlaugsson (IB DP Coordinator/History teacher)

Pre-IB (IB2021): Karl Jóhann Garðarsson (TOK and LISK teacher)

The subject teachers all attend special workshops on the curriculum and teaching and assessment methods of the IBO. Workshops are provided by the IBO on a regular basis for the training of both new and experienced IB teachers. There are also special language coordinators for each language.

Subject teachers:

Group 1 and 2: Languages

English: Mark Andrew Zimmer (A) & Alda Kravec (A and B).

Icelandic A: Ragnhildur Richter, Halldóra Björt Ewen

German B/Abin: Katharina Helene Gross (language coordinator).

French B/Abin: Ásrún Lára Jóhannsdóttir (language coordinator).

Spanish B/Abin: Guðrún H. Tuliníus (language coordinator).

Danish B: Pernille Folkmann (language coordinator).

Group 3: Social sciences

History: Stefán Á. Guðmundsson and Guðmundur Arnlaugsson.

Physcology:  Vilborg María Alfreðsdóttir.

Group 4: Natural sciences

Chemistry: Stefan Otte.

Biology: Sigríður Hrönn Guðbrandsdóttir and Stefan Otte.

Physics: Guðný Guðmundsdóttir & Karl J. Hinriksson.

Group 5: Mathematics

HL and SL Math: Gunnar Freyr Stefánsson.

Math Studies (SL): Þórir Gunnar Sigurðsson.

Group 6: Arts

Visual arts: Iðunn Thors.


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