Calendars and exam schedule

Exam timetables spring 2021:

MH timetable (includes Pre-IB and IB1 exams)

The MH examination timetable might change if there will be changes to the covid restrictions, published by the Ministry of Health.

IB1 students:  The exams take place in rooms 7 & 8 (labelled green in the examination timetable).

Pre-IB students:  The exams take place in same rooms as other MH exams, in Miðgarður/Mikligarður/other rooms (published later).

IB DP examination schedule (final exams for IB2)

This examination schedule is decided by the IBO and will not change.


IB specific calendar for the two-years, important deadlines:

IB2021 Calendar  - Spring 2020, autumn 2020 (draft), spring 2021 (draft).

IB2022 Calendar - spring 2021 - spring 2022 (NEW appearance)

General school calendar:

MH calendars in Icelandic.

MH calendar in English (larger version here in pdf):

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