The Extended Essay Process at MH

The Extended Essay Process at Hamrahlíð College (MH)

Hamrahlíð College puts great emphasis on students’ initiative and independence in their Extended Essay work. Students are free to select any subject taught at the school for their EE. In order to strengthen the relations between supervisors and students the school’s policy is to have no supervisor oversee more than three essays per year.

All students follow the same structure and timeline regardless of what subject they have chosen, with the exception of students writing in G4 subjects. As G4 students need to complete lab work prior to the interim reflection, and the science labs are not sufficiently available for EE work until regular teaching concludes in May, the interim reflection is postponed until after final exams in the second semester. This allows students to access lab facilities before completing the interim reflection.

For the most part, the timeline itself is somewhat flexible. Depending on the needs of each student it can vary by two to three weeks without much complication. The September deadline of the final version, however, is unconditional.

Extended Essay timeline:


Last updated: 01.10.2022