Special educational needs policy

Inclusion Policy at Hamrahlíð College (MH)

Hamrahlíð College welcomes students with learning barriers/difficulties who fulfil the educational requirements for acceptance.  The school acts according to law no. 92/2008.   And more specific according to the Icelandic National Curriculum Guide for Upper Secondary Schools: General Section 2011.  

In general, the school aims to:

  • ensure that students with learning barriers/difficulties who are accepted to the school get the assistance they need and that this is done through the cooperation of school counsellors, school psychologist, special needs teachers, interpreters, and subject teachers.
  • increase access and engagement in learning for all students by identifying and removing barriers.
  • enable all students to have full access to all elements of the school curriculum.
  • ensure that students get help with their homework if needed.
  • ensure that all students with learning barriers/difficulties, including dyslexia, AD(H)D and anxiety, receive the appropriate support during exams.

School counsellors also support students who suffer from long term illnesses or experience difficulties that affect their studies.


IB specific support and procedures

In addition to the general description above, the school operates according to the IBO Access and inclusion policy and IB Assessment Procedures.

Social-emotional and academical support

MH offers variety of support to students.  It consists of three study counsellors, thereof one IB study counsellor, a psychologist, and a nurse. They can help students to identify and remove barriers throughout their study.

A learning centre offers students support with their study. Special needs teachers and subject teachers (e.g., in Science and Math) are available to help. In addition, they offer time management support as well.  The students can sign up for special timings, creating a pressure and support for the students to show up to study.


During the first week of the first semester, teachers use various assignments to screen students.  In regular meetings, IB teachers discuss their students and after 6 weeks, all students undergo mid-term evaluation. The IB DPC examines the results and contacts students and legal guardian if needed. As a follow up, additional support is organised, based on individual needs.

Additional support if progress rules are not fulfilled

MH has progress rules regarding continuity of study.  If a student does not fulfil the progress rules at the end of one semester, he/she is normally given a second chance to improve during the next.

Student and legal guardian meet with IB DPC to discuss the results by the end of a semester.

Student and legal guardian meet again with the IB DPC in the beginning of next semester to discuss the forthcoming semester and ways for the student to improve.  The student signs a progress contract to formalize the process.  The student meets regularly with the IB study counsellor during the semester and receives additional support, e.g., in the learning centre, if needed.

Inclusive access arrangement application procedure

Students that need inclusive access arrangements and/or their legal guardians should contact IB DP Coordinator and/or IB study counsellor in the beginning of the IB study. The IB study counsellor collects medical documents and interviews the student to identify the needs of the student.  The student has access to same arrangements during the two years of the IB DP as he/she/they would during the IB examination session. The IB study counsellor and the student (and legal guardian) create a learning plan, if needed.   The plan is to be reviewed each semester.  Teachers are informed and involved in the process.

IB DP Coordinator applies for inclusive access arrangements on behalf of the student. IB DPC makes sure that all supporting documents are up to date and collects educational evidence from teachers.

The special educational needs policy was initially written by the head of school counsellors in collaboration with the IB coordinator and the school headmaster.

Updated September 2022

Soffía Sveinsdóttir IB DPC

Ásdís Birgisdóttir IB study counsellor

Last updated: 02.10.2022