Retake candidates

Diploma candidates can register for an examination session up to two times after their diploma session.  Anticipated exams count as one session.  The three examination sessions do not have to be consecutive, except in the case of an anticipated session, which must be followed by the diploma session one year later. Prospective retake candidates must contact the IB coordinator (ibstallari(at) well in advance.  If new curriculum or assessment requirements have been introduced the candidate must comply with the new requirements.  Retake candidates can retake IB exams without registering at MH.

MH only offers IB DP examination session in May, not November.

Candidates that wish to retake one or more subjects should preferably contact the IB DP coordinator via e-mail in August/September, 8-9 months in advance of the examination session. Payment needs to be completed by November 1st and the receipt must be sent to the IB DP coordinator.  Retakes are not registered unless payment has been completed.  Retakes that contact the IB DP coordinator after November 1st might  not be registered for the following examination session.

Retakes might be able to repeat the second year courses in the retake subject, either one or both semesters (applies only to retakes who did not receive IB Diploma and were students in MH).  – The request needs to be approved by the subject teacher.  They need to contact IB coordinator before August 20th. Retakes that would like to redo their IA need to repeat the second year courses in the appropriate subject.  If retakes are allowed to repeat courses, they must pay the MH registration fee and all school rules apply, including the attendance rules. A breach of regulations may lead to suspension from the course in question.

 a) Retake students that will only take the final exams in May.

Candidates need to contact the IB coordinator before October 1st. The registration fee must be paid before November 1st.  If the registration fee is not paid before the deadline, the candidate will not be registered.

Registration fee for May 2024

Session registration (MH arrangement fee): 6000 ISK (12000 ISK for candidates from other IB schools).

Subject registration: 14000 ISK for each subject, 11000 for EE.

In total for MH IB DP candidates:

One subject: 20000 ISK, two subjects: 34000 ISK, three subjects: 48000 ISK etc.


b) Retake students that would like to retake courses in IB2 (and even retake IA). Only possible for students that didn't receive the IB Diploma.

MH IB DP Candidates that would like to retake some classes in IB2 need to contact the IB DP Coordinator latest at August 20th.  They need to be registered at the school and obey all regulations that apply to students (including attendance rules).   Candidates cannot redo IA unless they are registered in the appropriate courses and only with the approval of the teacher.

Registration fee for May 2024

Same as above but in addition: MH registration fee:  12000 ISK/semester.

Last updated: 30.08.2023