IB DP curriculum at MH

The DP curriculum has been designed to allow students to study a wide range of subjects from different subject areas. All students must take a broad but balanced programme of six subjects, three at Higher level (HL) and three at Standard level (SL).  Students select one subject from groups 1-5. The sixth subject can be from group 6 or groups 1-4. See the model below. The subjects are both externarly (EA) and internally (IA) assessed.  In addition, students need to complete three core elements; considered as the heart of the programme. These are Theory of knowledge (TOK), Creativity, activity and service (CAS) and Extended Essay (EE).


IB in MH follows the MH calendar and is split to four semesters.  Each subject is therefore four courses that are numbered. For example BIO HL: BIOL3AI07, BIOL3BI07, BIOL3CI07, BIOL3DI07. CAS and TOK are numbered in similar way.  Higher and standard level are usually taught together.

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IB DP Brochure

FAQs about the Diploma Programme

See all IB course names here.

Following IB subjects are available in MH:

Group 1 - Language A Literature:

Taught: English A Lit (ENGL) and Icelandic A Lit (ICEL). Both HL and SL available.

Self-taught: e.g. Polish, Russian, Chinese, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch. Only SL.

See more about Language A:literature on ibo.org.

Group 2 - Second language/language acquisition:

English and Danish as HL B and SL B. French, German and Spanish as  HL B.  French and Spanish as Ab initio SL. The second languages are not special IB courses, the IB students attend regular MH courses, based on their skills.  Studying language B HL/SL requires some self-study under supervision of the language B coordinators.  It is highly recommended that applicants take replacement tests (Stöðupróf) in December/August. Find out more regarding the group 2 languages in MH here.

See more about Language acquisition on ibo.org.

Group 3 - Individuals and societies:

History (HIST) and Psychology (PSYC). Both HL and SL available.

See more about History and Psychology on ibo.org.

Group 4 - Experimental sciences:

Chemistry (CHEM), Physics (PHYS) and Biology (BIOL). Both HL and SL available.

See more about the subjects on ibo.org:

Chemistry     Physics   Biology

Group 5 - Mathematics

Mathematics Analysis & approaches HL/SL (MATH AA) and Mathematics Applications & interpretations HL/SL (MATS AI).

MATH AA HL is suitable for students aiming for mathematics, engineering and physics.
MATH AA SL is suitable for students aiming for natural (and health) science and some economics courses.
MATS AI SL is suitable for students aiming for social sciences, languages, business, arts and related subjects.


Group 6 - The arts

Visual arts (ARTS). HL and SL. Option A.

See more about the Visual Arts here.

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