Autumn 2023:

Booklist for each student is available in INNA.

Overall booklist for IB DP and the Pre-IB is available here.

Booklist for courses in the Icelandic system is available here.

Explanation of the course naming system

Several IB books are available in each subject. They are available in online bookstores but in some cases books can be purchased in Bóksala stúdenta (University bookstore on the campus of the University of Iceland, next to the main building) or Eymundsson. IBO runs an IB store where books, study guides and other supporting material can be purchased (  It is recommended that students have at least two textbooks in each subject but each teacher has selected the main textbook, see below.  IB textbooks are also available at the MH library.


Last updated: 20.12.2023