Beginning of the school year/Practical information

Autumn 2020

The school office will open again on the August 6th.

New students (Pre-IB and IB1) will meet the IB DP Coordinator and supervisory teachers at 13 on Tuesday 18th in room 11 (second floor.  See map here.   Please enter the main entrance in the new building (beside room three).

Teaching will begin according to student timetables on the August 24th (not 19th like published before).  Timetables should be ready in INNA around August 15th.

Pre-IB students have LISK class Thursday 20th at 10:30 in room 11.

School calendar is available here. 

Booklists are available here.

Overview of the course names and abbreviations in IB DP and Pre-IB.

How to access INNA?

Parents: How to register a child sick/absence on INNA?

Map of the school.

Covid-19 - Work procedure

Work procedure – Infection or suspicion of infection - students
Work procedure - Notification of quarantine or isolation - students
Work procedure – Infection or suspicion of infection - staff

COVID-19 Autumn 2020 (in Icelandic).

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