IB school fee

All IB students pay the regular MH school fee (MH registration fee) and IB school fee in addition every semester (except the last one, then only the MH school fee is paid).  Fees are non-refundable.

The MH school fee (MH registration fee) is 12000 ISK per semester (+ optional NFMH fee 5000 ISK and + 500 ISK Parent Association for MH) (an invoice is sent out before each semester starts). The fee is broken into two components: Registration (6000 ISK) and Material&copying (6000 ISK).

The IB school fee is 100.000 ISK (from September 2019) and has to be fully paid in November before the final IB DP examinations.

The IB school fee is divided into few payments, depending on number of semesters:


1) Students taking six semesters (Pre-IB+IB DP): The IB school fee is 20000 ISK/semester (first five semesters). It means in total:

Semester 1 - 5: 32000 ISK/semester.  Semester 6: 12000 ISK.


2) Students taking five semesters (half Pre-IB+IB DP): The IB school fee is 25000 ISK/semester (first four semesters). It means in total:

Semester 1 - 4: 37000 ISK/semester. Semester 5: 12000 ISK.


3) Students taking four semesters (IB DP only): The IB school fee divided into three payments: 40000 ISK the first semester, then 30000 ISK the second and third semester. It means in total:

Semester 1: 52000 ISK/semester.  Semester 2 and 3: 42000 ISK.  Semester 4: 12000 ISK.

IB school fee invoices are sent out in September/February.


Retake candidates:

Registration fee for May 2023 (if registered before November 1st): 

Session registration (MH arrangement fee): 6000 ISK (12000 ISK for candidates from other IB schools).

Subject registration: 12000 ISK for each subject. 9000 ISK for EE.

This means:

One subject: 18000 ISK, two subjects: 30000 ISK, three subjects: 42000 ISK etc.

More information for retake candidates is found here.

Page last updated: 06.12.2022