Attendance rules

Attendance rules for the IB programme at Hamrahlíð College (MH) 


Students should show up to class and exams on time. Should they for whatever reasons not be able to attend a lesson, they should notify their teachers and explain their absence.

 Illness and leaves

A student that does not show up to class due to illness will be marked absent from class. If a student is sick for two more consecutive days will have half his absence points deducted if his/her illness is confirmed by a parent or a guardian, for students under the age of 18, or a doctor’s note for older students. Parents can mark students sick on Inna (the school’s online system) for each day the illness lasts, but not retroactively. Doctors notes need to be submitted to the school office within five days after students return to school.

Students dealing with long term illnesses should be in contact with a study counsellor who can assist them with dealing with the demands of the course and to act as their advocate in relations with the faculty.

Under special circumstances students can apply for a leave from school. Written requests for leaves can made to the Director of studies.

 Attendance grade

Students receive an attendance grade for each semester they attend the school. For each late arrival students get 1/3 of an absence point. For each class they miss they get one full absence point.

The attendance grade determined thus, after taking into account absences due to illness and leaves: 















< 80%


Under normal circumstances students with an attendance grade of 3 are considered to have failed the whole semester and are barred from taking final exams.

Special rules

Individual departments, subjects and courses can stipulate further demands about students’ attendance. Such rules are introduced in course syllabi.

 IB department attendance rules:

  • The minimum acceptable attendance ratio for students in the IB programme is 85% each semester, both overall and in each individual course
  • a ratio of 80-84% is a danger zone that will require explanation and interview with the DP coordinator.
  • an attendance ratio of < 80% will, other things being equal, mean a fail grade (less than 5 out of 10) for the course in question and may prevent the student from continuing in the IB programme.
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