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Welcome to Hamrahlíð College’s Homepage

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Hamrahlíð College was founded in 1966. The school’s mission is to cultivate all elements of students’ development and to promote their active participation in a democratic society by fostering a student-centred learning environment.

The school’s unique range of programmes brings together students from various cultural backgrounds. MH celebrates and supports diversity by offering a wide array of programmes, courses and services.

The school’s core values are:

Knowledge – Responsibility – Respect – Open-mindedness

The School

Hamrahlíð College is an upper secondary school (framhaldsskóli) that mainly focuses on preparing students for university studies. While the school offers several programmes of study, the vast majority of students are enrolled in the programme that culminates in the Stúdentspróf (the diploma required for students to begin university studies in Iceland).

The school was founded in 1966 and in 1972 became the first school in Iceland to adopt a modular system of instruction (áfangakerfi). The modular system is a course-based system of instruction which allows students more freedom in choosing their courses and more flexibility in constructing timetables than the traditional class-based system (bekkjakerfi).

In addition to the Stúdentspróf programme, Hamrahlíð Colleges offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme as well as a four-year Special Education programme.


Studies at MH are organized around a modular system of instruction. In the Stúdentspróf programme, students major in one of six subjects (Social studies, Languages, Natural sciences, Open studies, Dance or Music). Each subject has a set of core courses (or modules), which students are required to take, as well as several elective options, among which students are free to choose. Open studies allow students to specialize in more than one subject. For information about the IB studies, please click here.


Students have access to various services at the school. These include:

  • Teachers, supervisory teachers/life skills teachers, department heads and subject heads who provide information on programmes, courses and teaching in their respective departments and subjects.
  • Guidance counsellors who provide students with personal, academic and career counselling. They assist students in gathering information about programmes and courses offered within MH as well as opportunities for further studies upon graduation. 
  • Psychologist: All students at MH have free access to the services of the school psychologist.
  • A lab for assisted learning (námsver), where students can receive assistance with assignments and homework.

The publication, Handbók forráðamanna, is available on the school’s homepage and provides information to parents and guardians on how to access INNA, the school’s online administrative system where students’ grades, attendance records, timetables and more are recorded. This information is also available at the school office.


The school library is located on the top floor of the school’s newer, east wing building. The facilities are first-rate and the library is the heart of the school.  

The library provides an excellent learning environment for both individuals and groups working either independently or under teacher supervision. At the inner end of the library, there is a sequestered reading room with carrels for individual, quiet study.   

The library is well-stocked; the collection is diverse and renewed regularly. The library not only lends books; laptops, tablets and other technical hardware are available to students. 

Students have daily access to both the library and the assistance of library staff.

It is possible to have the homepage translated to English by right-clicking in Google chrome and choose to translate to English.


Last updated: 04.01.2020