Attendance rules

Attendance rules

  1. Main rule

    Pupils are to attend all lessons and tests punctually, and present themselves on “staðfestingardagur” (confirmation day). On confirmation day they can look at their exam papers and they also have to confirm their election of subjects for the following term.
  2. Sick leave 

    Pupils are expected to report and explain their absence to their teachers, whatever the cause, when they reappear. If they are ill for two or more days ─ and this is attested by a doctor ─ only half of their absences count towards their attendance score. The note from the doctor must be handed in no later than five days after the end of their illness.  

    If the total sick leave exceeds 15 schooldays during the term, the pupil must report and account for this to the supervisory teacher or directly to the study counsellors. Absences due to illness alone do not disqualify pupils from term exams.  
  3. Attendance grade  

    A grade is awarded for attendance each term. The grade is based on lesson attendances and punctuality; being late three times equals one lesson absence. The grade is calculated as follows, when illnesses and permitted leaves of absences have been allowed for:  

                Grade   10         95-100% attendances
                                 9        92-94% 
                                 8        89-91%  
                                 7        86-88%  
                                 6        83-85% 
                                 5        80-82%   
                                 3        less than 80% attendances. 

    The pupil has failed the term and is excluded from the term exams. 
  4. Leave of absence

    Pupils taking part in competitive sports or other comparable activities can apply in writing not to have resulting absences (e.g. due to trips abroad) affect their attendance grade.
  5. Special rules 

    Individual departments may indicate special terms of attendance in association with particular reading schedules or assignments. Non appliance may result in disqualification in the course concerned.
  6. Continuation grade

    The minimum attendance grade requirement for each term is 5 ─ however, the average for each school year (autumn and spring term together) must be 6.5 or higher.
  7. Special IB rules
  • the minimum acceptable attendance ratio for each course is 85%.  
  • a ratio of 80-84% is a danger zone that will require negotiation.  
  • an attendance ratio of < 80% will, other things being equal, mean a fail grade for the course.




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