MH admission policy for IB students


The Diploma Programme (DP) is first and foremost an opportunity for hard-working and highly motivated pre-university students who are willing to take on a demanding job and finish their secondary education in three years instead of four which is the current norm in Iceland. The DP makes Hamrahlíð College the only Icelandic upper secondary school where it is possible to prepare for university without having command of the Icelandic language (except Icelandic students study Icelandic as their first language). Bearing all this in mind we accept applicants of two kinds:

  • Icelandic students who have gained good results at the end of their compulsory education, have developed good study habits and display the necessary interest, maturity and vision to come to grips with a rigorous academic programme in a foreign language.
  • Non-Icelandic or Icelandic students who have lived and studied outside of Iceland, are heading for university and have shown academic ability but have little or no hope of fulfilling the requirements of the Icelandic matriculation examination due to lack of knowledge and/or practice in using the Icelandic language.  However, the school emphasizes on the mother tongue of all students and offers Icelandic as first language.

Special application forms are required for the IB as well as a reference from a teacher or another person (e.g. an employer) who knows the applicant well. These forms are available at MH’s website,

The Icelandic ministry of education decided at the outset to make allowance for around 25 IB diploma students in each year-group and that the programme should be open to applicants irrespective of their place of residence or previous school. It should be noted that students accepted specifically into the DP do not automatically have the right to remain in MH should they leave the IB.

MH admission guidelines in general

In Icelandic.

English version:

1. All those who are legal residents of Iceland may attend Menntaskolinn vid Hamrahlid on condition that they fulfill the national grade requirements for entry into university entrance curriculae (studentsprof) or the special requirements for entering the IB Diploma programme.

2.  The majority of entrants are chosen on the basis of the grades they receive at the end of compulsory education, minimum grades in specified subjects being defined in the  national requirements. In addition to these criteria, the following may also be taken into account:

a.      their attendance record in their previous school, whether compulsory or secondary.

b.     their grades in other subjects than those specified in the national requirements.

c.      the number of applicants to MH that term, for each curriculum (Language, Social Science, Natural Science, Arts) 

d.     the applicant‘s possibilites of attending a similar school nearer to his/her home

e.      the applicant‘s age 1)

f.      special, individual circumstances

3.     An applicant that does not fulfill the national grade requirements will thus be accepted into MH only if there is a place available and their application is accompanied by particular information which indicate that he/she will be able to maintain the necessary educational success.

1) Applicants under the age of 18 will generally be preferred to older applicants for admission to the day school in MH. Those who have reached the age of 18 have the option of attending the evening school.

The IB programme

To enter the IB Diploma programme an applicant‘s school records, Icelandic or from other countries, must indicate that he/she is capable of succeeding in such a demanding academic programme, in less time than is usual in secondary schools. In addition, a basic requirement is good ability in the English language. Applicants for the IB Programme are expected to come for an interview with the IB coordinator before their application can be finally accepted.




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