Academic honesty policy in MH

It is included in the school´s mission statement that the school emphasizes on preparing students for study at university level, aims to be a model for progressive teaching and expects students to be willing to take on responsibility. Therefore academic honesty of students is cruical.

The schools policy consist of to pillars. First, individual subject teachers are expected to regularly demonstrate and remind students of appropriate ways to carry out research and acknowledge sources.

Second, there are clear rules against plagiarism included in the school´s general rules and teachers advise their students regularly on consequences of breaking those rules.

In the section concerning computer and Internet use it says in the fourth paragraph: a special notice should be given to the fact that material that has been published on the Internet or in other written form is protected by intellectual ownership rules. Also it is says in the section concerning the handing in of essays, projects and other written material, second paragraph: if an essay or project has been partly borrowed or worked on with other people it should be clearly stated and cited according to appropriate academic referencing. A student that does not comply with school rules faces a verbal or written reprimand or if repeated or more serious an expulsion from the school.

Also it should be mentioned that teachers have discussions in teacher meetings, both in bigger and smaller groups. They confer regularly with each other to keep up to date on the assignments their students undertake. They also keep a record on essay subjects for future reference. Many use search programs on the Internet to see if sentences or paragraphs have been lifted from another source without proper citations.

In addition to the general description above, the school works according to the IBO policy regarding academic honesty.

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