Special educational needs policy

Hamrahlíð College welcomes disabled students so long as they fulfill the educational requirements for acceptance.

The school aims to:

  • ensure that the special educational needs of disabled students are identified, assessed, provided for and reviewed on a regular basis.
  • ensure that disabled students that are accepted to the school get the assistance they need and that is done through the cooperation of school counselors, special needs teachers, interpreters and general assistants of the disabled students.
  • enable all students to have full access to all elements of the school curriculum.
  • ensure that the school keeps up-to-date in all the latest technology for disabled students.
  • ensure that students get help with their homework if needed.
  • ensure that all disabled students, dyslexic, AD(H)D and those who suffer from anxiety get the appropriate support during exams.

School counselors also support students who suffer from long term illness or experience difficulties that affect their studies.

In addition to the general description above, the school works according to the IBO policy regarding candidates with special assessment needs.

The special educational needs policy was initially written by the chief of school counselors in collaboration with the IB coordinator and the headmaster of the school.


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